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A real Italian espresso…
The caffè europa line is renowned for having introduced the two-size cup container to the mid-low cost market to offer real Italian espresso in a small cup.
Rounded door with architecturally-inspired motifs, backlit panel and intuitive lighting that allows the drink dispensing process to be followed.
User interface
16 programmable selection buttons, 2 pre-select buttons to adjust sugar visually on LED bar. Monochrome graphic backlit display with programmable background colour.
The espresso version can accommodate 5 or 6 product canisters plus a coffee bean canister for those who love Italian espresso. The instant version offers up to 7 product canisters and 4 mixing bowls. A valveless pump system means problems caused by limescale are minimized. Both versions can be equipped with a cooling unit to offer cold drinks. A programming feature allows mixing speeds to be altered to adjust the density of drinks.
A switch-mode power supply ensures consistent dosages and performance and protection against short circuits.
Highly fl exible and personal drink profi ling can be achieved either manually via the machine’s display or through the rheAction support software.
Dosage setting
Product quantities can be fi ne-tuned by adjusting the running times of product and pump motors.
User friendly
Internal components can easily be removed for cleaning and maintenance. Transparent cup containers allow quantity to be checked visually when the door is open.
Energy consumption
Energy saving features include: • programmable switching on/off times to keep the machine at an energy saving stand-by temperature when inactive; • low voltage LED’s to minimize consumption.
Total energy consumption is recorded starting from the first service.
caffè europa
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