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luce x2 premium

  • Description

    Like luce x2, the premium model has a backlit keypad with 24 buttons, each dedicated to a drink selection, as well as an LED bar to adjust sugar visually and two independent cup dispensers for different sizes and materials. What’s special about this model is a 15-inch video monitor that can be programmed to carry advertising, product information and the like.

  • Measures

    width: 640 mm
    height: 1830 mm
    depth: 705 mm
    weight: 155/166 kg

  • Product Details

    touchscreen 5,7”
    monitor 15”
    selections (max): 24
    up to 2 boilers
    up to 9 canisters
    up to 5 mixing bowls
    electrical supply: 230-50/60 V-Hz
    power: 3100/1700 W
    colour: black or white

  • Options

    cup sensor
    TM ON
    RFID kit
    Sw arranged EVA DTS
    payment system
    cooling unit
    direct hot water