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The future of hospitality
Barista on Demand
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Barista on Demand is a future retail delivery model designed to improve customer experience and forecast the future needs of hospitality.
The future of hospitality
Innovation sometimes means doing things differently.
What if, instead of going to get a coffee,
coffee came to you?

Redefining the coffee experience: this is the goal of Barista On-Demand, the first self-driving coffee shop that interacts with the user through the AI-generated avatar of coffee expert Andrea Lattuada and transforms the coffee experience from a “go-to-shop” to a “shop-to-customer” model.

A real ‘barista’, available 24/7, ready to serve quality coffee on demand: with a simple click from the mobile app, consumers can order a coffee and receive it wherever they want, whether at home, at the office, or on the go.

An innovation project that brings Made in Italy excellence to the world and paves the way for extraordinary new developments in the field of vending applied to autonomous driving.

Barista On-Demand takes the rich tradition of Italian coffee one step further, putting people at the centre of an inclusive, innovative, and sustainable experience. The coffee station is able to reach consumers anywhere, confirming Rhea’s commitment to innovative and cutting-edge hospitality solutions.

Barista On-Demand, showcased at the CIIE in Shanghai in 2023 and at Mobile World Congress 2024 in Barcellona, epitomizes Italian-Chinese cooperation towards innovative hospitality experiences.

Barista on Demand, automated and connected with an app, directly reaches the consumer offering an even more personalized service and outlines a new business model that is more sustainable and efficient for new retail.

New! A self-driving coffee machine
Of all the amazing things that can be done with AI and driverless vehicles, Rhea is the first to go “Hey, what if we made a self-driving coffee station!”. Divine madness.