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Our legacy for the future
Since 1960, Rhea has been promoting the excellence of the Made in Italy while breaking new ground to increase the reach and the potential of the vending industry. With pioneering technologies and fully customisable machines, Rhea has always brought together tradition, innovation, and design without compromising what matters most: premium quality and the sustainability of the entire life cycle of the product.
Because Rhea isn’t just thinking about what you want today, but what you may need tomorrow.
Discover Rhea
The freedom to choose
While our aim is to export the culture of ‘Made in Italy’ worldwide, staying true to the original Italian recipes, we also believe in giving people the freedom to express their own preferences and explore their own variations on the classics.
After decades of operating in different countries around the world, Rhea has learned a lot about international habits and tastes. That’s how we’re able to tailor our drink recipes and snack offerings to local preferences, placing people at the center of a customised experience.
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Realistic sustainability goals
We all know that the planet can’t be saved by switching to paper drinking straws. But we also know that every little bit counts.
At Rhea, our commitment to a greener, more responsible future is rooted in the belief that every action we take today, however small, can help to shape a brighter tomorrow.
This translates into a holistic approach to doing business that recognizes the interconnectedness of economic success, societal well-being, and environmental accountability, all of which are essential for a sustainable, inclusive, and prosperous future.
Because sustainability isn't just a buzzword for us. It's a way of thinking, of working, of being.
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A clean business is smart business

We don’t presume to save the planet ourselves. But we do understand that the choices we make in the present can have far-reaching implications, not only for future generations but – let’s be honest – for our own continued success.
In our pursuit of environmental sustainability, we have adopted innovative technologies and practices aimed at reducing our ecological impact. From energy-efficient machinery to eco-friendly materials sourced from eco-conscious partners, we strive to minimize waste and emissions at every stage of production. Indeed, ecology is built directly into the design of our machines, which feature modular components, energy-saving technologies, and certified FSC packaging.
You don’t need a slogan to understand the self-evident truth that a clean manufacturing operation is just smart business.

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There’s nothing hard about treating people with respect

For Rhea, sustainability means not just respecting the environment, but respecting people. But that’s nothing new. Since our beginnings, in 1960, we’ve always understood that our success is intertwined with the well-being of our employees and the communities where we operate.
This is evident in our commitment to fair labor practices, workplace safety, and diversity and inclusion. We provide our workforce with opportunities for growth and development, fostering a culture of empowerment and equality by embracing the richness of varied perspectives.
It should be clear to everyone that a happy, healthy, and economically secure workforce makes for a thriving society, which is essential for the success of any business.
At Rhea, treating people with respect comes naturally. It always has. It’s who we are.

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compound noun /ˈeθɪkəl ˈgʌvərnəns/
  1. The set of principles, practices, and standards that guide the behavior and decision-making processes within an organization, prioritizing fairness, transparency, integrity, and trust;
  2. Ensuring that a company’s actions align with its values and with the best interests of its stakeholders, i.e., employees, customers, and the broader community;
  3. Fostering meritocracy and social diversity, fighting all forms of corruption, committing to equal rights and equal pay;
  4. Securing a business’s long-term viability and reputable standing by consistently making ethical choices that benefit the planet and society as a whole.

There. We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

Discover Rhea
An Extended Family Business
Since its beginnings, Rhea has always been a family business, and it continues to be so to this day....


An Extended Family Business
Since its beginnings, Rhea has always been a family business, and it continues to be so to this day. Ever since Aldo Majer, and later his son Carlo, laid the foundations to build what Rhea Vendors has become today, the values and ideals they passed down have remained strong throughout the years. With the passing of the Majers, Rhea became what we like to call an “extended family business”, where each person, from our colleagues at the Rhea branch offices around the world to the technicians on the factory floor to the Board of Directors, is a valued and cherished part of a tight-knit community. More than sixty years after Rhea’s founding, the company still feels like family: the affection and respect among all our people is a testament to the values that still characterise the Rhea team.
Board of Directors
Andrea Pozzolini – President and CEO
Cristina Stabilini – Sales & Operations
Stefano Macchi – Sustainability
Giorgio Vignati – Chief Financial Officer
Discover Rhea
The power of imagination
Rheavendors has never been satisfied with simply keeping up with the times: we’ve always been ahead of them...


The power of imagination

Rheavendors has never been satisfied with simply keeping up with the times: we’ve always been ahead of them. In the past twenty years, Rheavendors’ machines have undergone a drastic restyling focused on functional design, user-friendliness, and quality. Looking to the future, we realised that the vending world needed to be increasingly versatile, with machines dispensing a wider range of quality products, accepting new forms of payment, offering easier and more dynamic interfaces.
So that’s what we did.
Today, our know-how goes far beyond patents and intellectual property: it is our human heritage, a collective treasury of experience, knowledge, and skills that is not meant to be gatekept but passed on and shared.
And above all, it is the imagination that Aldo Majer demonstrated when he turned the knob on that first gumball machine way back in 1960. Since then, we have strived to imagine what comes next, expanding the horizons not only of the vending industry, but also our own. We recently celebrated our 60 years of history with Kairos, an exclusive machine based on an idea by Davide Livermore.

Beyond Functionality

Rheavendors transcends national boundaries, leveraging intercultural exchange to continuously adapt and introduce new concepts that respond to evolving market demands. We understand that machines must speak a universal language of user-friendliness and reliability, crucial for winning over consumers. The new millennium sees Rhea increasingly committed to innovation and the exploration of cutting-edge technologies. Our focus extends beyond functionality to encompass greater economic and environmental sustainability, the improvement of the man-machine relationship and, above all, the assurance of product quality. And by that we don’t just mean the machines themselves, but the overall experience of interacting with them and the “in-cup quality” of the products they dispense.

“The work of fine-tuning a machine to respond to people’s preferences could be compared to playing a piano. There is a keyboard that you can play boldly or delicately, in line with people tastes”, Carlo Majer once said.

Designing new attitudes

The design of Rhea’s machines has always distinguished us from the competition. Back in 1960, Angelo Mangiarotti, a renowned industrial designer and architect, designed Rheavendors’ first vending machine. That was a turning point, as it set the scene for decades of collaboration with world-class designers who captured the spirit of the time and transformed it into current trends, such as Michele De LucchiAngelo MicheliMassimo Iosa GhiniFerruccio LavianiBruno MorassutiFranz BergonziWell Design and Luan Peter Hasnay. We pursued a vision of impeccable design on the outside, and state-of-the-art technology on the inside.
While it’s true that one shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, there’s no reason why a great book shouldn’t have a beautiful cover. After all, the whole point of good design is to visually communicate the intelligence and functionality of the internal technology, and the quality of the products they dispense.

Making it personal

Throughout the ‘80s, as the culture of coffee continued to grow, so did Rheavendors. At the time, it was easier to find a proper Italian espresso or cappuccino in the break room of a French factory than in a Parisian café. So Rhea decided to embark on a vast territorial expansion, matched only by that of its own beverage menu. We were the first to introduce the innovative concept of “coffee cocktails”, such MoccaCino and latte macchiato, and we offered classy touches such as sprinkles of powdered cocoa on a cappuccino, or hints of milk foam to transform an espresso into a macchiato. Rheavendors showed how automatic retailing can, and should be, a personal matter.

The Coffee Ritual

Responding to the growing sophistication of the coffee-drinking public, Rheavendors decided to invent and build the first whole-bean espresso vending machine with a built-in grinder. With a focus on design, innovation, and reliability, Rheavendors started selling the new machines at an incredible pace. Bruno Morassuti, designed an elegant espresso machine which landed a place in the permanent collection of New York’s MoMA. The automatic retailing concept was catching on in a world whose increasingly hectic pace demanded that coffee breaks to be both more frequent and more efficient. What better solution, therefore, than a machine that occupied minimal space, looked great, and also provided an opportunity for workers to join in that democratic ritual of chatting over a good cup of coffee?

How it all started

It’s incredible to think how one of the world’s leading coffee machine manufacturers started off with a simple gumball machine. Aldo and Giuliana Majer’s original business was always looking for original ideas to expand their expertise, and one day they decided to prototype a sketch by their friend Angelo Mangiarotti, one of Italy’s first and greatest industrial designers. The result was a masterpiece of mechanical and formal simplicity, a powerful icon of the Italian Sixties: the gumball machine. And so, Rheavendors was born. By 1962, it was already the first Italian manufacturer to offer an integrated range of vending machines for cold post-mix drinks, hot soluble drinks, and packaged snacks. Rheavendors has taught the vending market that automatic retailing is much more than a simple transaction: it’s about trust, values, and above all, family. Our clients can rely on the continuity of vision and moral integrity passed down from the Majer family, who supplied smart and tailor-made machines while respecting the original Italian recipes and traditions.