Caronno Pertusella, 2018 August 3rd

Carlo Majer passed away on July 21st with these words:

…When I turn back, Rhea in the early days of the 21st century was a company quite different from now. The transformation was achieved with what I call the Gardener’s Patience, which I think is something only a family company can afford: it’s made of long- and mid-term planning, a lot of patience, a continuous revision of priorities, and the awareness that you must be ready to lose the quick buck if you want to keep your eyesight set on your final goals.

I also learned that if you look for intelligent answers, you must ask very intelligent questions, and that the core of your growth, the one factor you have to command always, is that you have to confront and embrace change. Europe is so afraid of change, but change — which is made of selection and evolution — is what keeps one alive.

I’ve loved Rhea as much as I did love Opera, and even more, and I am really proud of what I achieved. During this last year, throughout my illness, I have spent days and days on end to redesign the Group, turning it in what I decided to call AN EXTENDED FAMILY BUSINESS, because it’s inspired and made not only by one nuclear family, but by a group of people who have spent enough time with me to be just as family. They know the way I think and act. They are friends (and I don’t use the word very often). They are brilliant people, and I’m sure that they will carry on my legacy, remembering me and my example, but also feeling free to develop their own personalities and ideas.

During the years Carlo Majer built the governance of the company involving and sharing with us since the beginning all strategical decisions for the management of the Group, transferring his solid principles and his enthusiasm in the research and development of innovation with the aim to maintain the company to the highest level of quality.

The unconditional love for the company, the close attention, the respect and the high consideration of the job quality of all employees are and will be the values and the inspiration in all our decisions.

Rhea Vendors Group S.p.A.
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Giorgio Vignati
Frieder Steigler
Cristina Stabilini
Stefano Macchi


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