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Special Projects
To have a project means imagining
a future with no limits.
Rhea’s Special Projects represent a concrete example of the company's ability to translate its futuristic vision of the coffee world into tangible innovations. By addressing both the needs of a constantly evolving society and environmental and social sustainability, Rhea is committed to offering unique coffee experiences that go beyond just a beverage. These projects stand out for their strong brand identity, characterized by distinctive design, superior quality, customization, and a constant pursuit of innovation. Rhea also strives to promote collaboration across different sectors, recognizing the value of synergies generated by the integration of diverse perspectives and expertise. Through the use of interactive communications, environmental and social sustainability, digital power, and new technologies, Rhea's Special Projects aim to redefine the coffee moment, transforming it into an engaging and hospitable experience.
The future of hospitality
Barista on Demand
#mobility #innovation #future #automation
Barista on Demand is a future retail delivery model designed to improve customer experience and forecast the future needs of hospitality.
Sharing experiences to improve your life
Coffee Landscape
#socialexperience #togetherness #interactions #design
An innovative lounge designed to share time and new experiences together, through colours, shapes and of course, coffee.
Evolution on vending machine experience
#sustainability #animmersivenature #customization #coffeebreak
Monolite, created by Simona Ghizzoni and Davide Livermore, combines the experience of drinking a coffee or a simple glass of water with a captivating photographic journey, transforming the machine itself into a digital art exhibition.
Rhea 60th anniversary concept machine
#multisensoryexperience #60celebration #design #quality
Kairos, which in Greek means “the right or opportune moment”, combines quality coffee with the value of time, transforming the moment of the coffee break into a multisensory experience, involving the consumer in a journey through the beauty of images, the power of sounds, and the pleasure of taste.