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  • Description

    rhMM1.v+ makes it possible to prepare drinks with three different levels of foam, adjustable according to individual preferences.
    Because Milk is the ideal basis for Italian specialty coffees. Cold, Fresh, steamed to a creamy froth!
    One of the most innovative features of the Rhea Fresh Milk Machine rhMM1.v+ is the use of Varitherm induction technology, which steam-heats the milk.
    The system does not inject steam into the milk but uses indirect heating, and therefore beverages are not diluted, thus maintaining maximum in-cup quality.
    What’s more, it saves energy because the steam is generated by the same heat used to brew your drink.

  • Measures

    width: 180 mm
    height: 544 mm
    depth: 394 mm
    weight: 14,5kg

  • Product Details

    Power 24 (V)
    Colour: Black

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