Jun. 05 2020

Our vending machines at Dubai airport to dispense PPE kits

Congrats to Dallmayr Dubai for easing the purchase of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for travellers with the installation of Rheavendors’ vending machines at Dubai International Airport.


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Apr. 06 2020

Vending News talking about our award-winning luce zero.touch

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Mar. 24 2020

luce zero.touch won the VASA Award

We are proud to announce that Rheavendors East won the VASA Award (Vending & Automated Services Award) in the category “Technical devices” with the freestanding machine luce zero.touch, equipped with Varitherm technology – our innovative induction heating system.


A great achievement and recognition for our company!


Feb. 24 2020

Our Gourmet Coffee Experience concept on Fantavending

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Jan. 13 2020

From induction to laRhea goes Coffee Shop

Interview with David Machón (managing director of Rheavendors España) on Hostel Vending.


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