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2.0 Oleato

Matteo Beluffi. Latte Art Champion
2.0 Oleato

*inspo recipe by Starbucks.

Start by pouring the oat drink into the mixing glass together with the expresso, then pour everything into a previously cooled cup.

Now for the extra virgin olive oil velvet: simply whip the Veggy sour foamer rehydrated with 10% water, an innovative and sustainable product which perfectly replaces egg whites and is allergen-free, with the sugar syrup; once foamed, add half its weight in extra virgin olive oil.

Pour the oil velvet in and you’re done!

You’d never know how good the oil-coffee combo is, and the fatty velvet gives it an incredible creaminess!

  • 1 espresso

  • 100g oat drink @alprobarista

  • 10ml sugar syrup


  • Olive oil velvet
    30ml Veggy Sour Foamer @in.vece
    25ml extra virgin olive oil
    20ml sugar syrup
    5g saline solution (10%)