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Aluà Coffee

Andrea Lattuada. SCA trainer and award-winning barista
Aluà Coffee

To make Aluà, mix the pineapple, brown sugar and ginger beer, then filter it to obtain 350 ml of liquid. For the tamarind foam, mix the water and tamarind syrup in a syphon with a nitrogen bullet. Fill up a shaker with ice, and pour the cold brew and 50g of the Aluà. Shaked it and filter it on ice, then garnish it with the tamarind foam and a slice of dry orange.

  • Yirgacheffe cold brew, 50 g
  • Dry orange slice
  • Aluà, 50 g: Fresh pineapple 350 g, Muscovado brown sugar 100 g, Ginger beer 100 ml
  • Tamarind foam Water 300 ml, Tamarindo syrup 70 g