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Cappuccino Panettone

Matteo Beluffi. Latte Art Champion – Andrea Lattuada. SCA trainer and award-winning barista.
Cappuccino Panettone
Cappuccino Panettone is a delightful milk-based beverage infused with espresso, panettone syrup, and candied fruits. Crafted by Andrea Lattuada and brought to life by Matteo Beluffi, this masterpiece combines classic flavors of Italian holiday tradition in a cup. The sweetness of panettone harmonizes with the intensity of espresso, while the bits of candied fruit add a touch of freshness and color. An unforgettable taste experience that celebrates both tradition and innovation.
  • 30 ml home-made panettone syrup
  • 180 ml whipped whole milk
  • 30 ml espresso
  • Garnish: panettone, raisins e candied orange