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Espresso cake in a glass

Paolo Barichella. Executive Food Design Advisor
Espresso Cake in a Glass
Coffee and cake, all in one

This recipe is designed to share with the customer, especially if they’re a foreigner, a unique experience that will both surprise and fascinate, through the simple gesture of offering a coffee.

Espresso Cake in a Glass is made by inserting a small quantity of chocolate cake mix by means of a squeeze bottle, then cooking it for 20 seconds in the microwave until it rises and the cake is formed. After it has cooled a bit, a second layer is created with vanilla dessert cream. As a crowning touch, it is finished with fresh-brewed espresso coffee and served hot on a slate saucer with its own special spoon. Food Design at its delightful best.

  • Fresh chocolate cake
  • Vanilla mousse
  • Espresso, strong and creamy