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Rhea Gourmet Recipes

Fresh cold milk

Paolo Barichella. Executive Food Design Advisor
Fresh cold milk
Accompanied by INI tartlets with creamy fillings

The Rhea Milk Machine is a unique accessory, the first of its kind, to be paired with a laRhea tabletop machine, which enables preparations ranging from +4°C to +90°C, using fresh milk of the highest quality. It not only offers hot drinks (like a perfect cappuccino), but cold milk-based drinks as well. In fact, it can be combined with a cooling unit which can be placed either next to or inside the base cabinet, as it is equipped with a special milk aspiration pump.

Cold milk is combined with fragrant INI tartlets made with a mix of shortcrust and brisè pastry filled with different sweet fillings, perfect for an elegant dessert.

Paolo Barichella proposes it here in versions featuring Bronte pistachio cream, custard thickened at low temperature, and gianduja cream made with prized Tonda Gentile hazelnuts from the Langhe district of Piedmont.

  • Fresh cold milk
  • Sweet INI with: Bronte pistachio cream, Pastry cream, Tonda Gentile hazelnut cream, Dark Ghana chocolate 85%.