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Hot milk and decostructed aged grappa

Paolo Barichella. Executive Food Design Advisor
Hot Milk and Deconstructed Aged Grappa
A contemporary version of a popular classic

This culinary deconstruction, born as a remedy favored by grandmothers in the Veneto to combat seasonal ailments – hot milk with honey and grappa – has become a classic treat over the years, to be savoured anytime, but especially in the cold season. With the Rhea Milk Machine, you can enjoy a fresh hot milk alongside a belly-warming spirit, but in a deconstructed way.

Here, the hot milk is combined with a praline formed by a hollow boule of 75% dark chocolate filled with barrel-aged grappa jam, a product obtained by slow distillation, aged in small oak barrels, sweetened with acacia honey, and pleasantly thickened with natural vegetable fibers.

French variants: Cognac, Armagnac, Brandy

  • Fresh hot milk
  • Boule of 75% dark chocolate filled with Barrel-Aged Grappa Jam
  • French variant: Cognac, Armagnac, Brandy