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Layered Latte Macchiato

Paolo Barichella. Executive Food Design Advisor
Layered Latte Macchiato
Flavors to discover, layer by layer

One of the most innovative features of the Rhea Milk Machine is the use of Varitherm induction technology, which steam-heats the milk. There is thus no need for a boiler or flash heater, which mean that it is less susceptible to limescale. Plus, it also saves energy because the steam is generated while dispensing your drink.What’s more, the system doesn’t inject steam into the milk, as the heating is indirect, and therefore the resulting beverage isn’t diluted.

Technology is always creating surprising new effects. In the case of the Varitherm induction system, you can adjust the temperature for each type of drink, even within the same recipe.

In fact, it allows you to build a proper latte macchiato, with each layer – coffee, milk, foam – heated to just the right temperature: fresh hot milk at 70°C, foam at 65°C, and espresso coffee at 90°C. The different temperatures and densities cause the ingredients to stratify, so you experience completely different flavors and textures from start to finish.

  • Fresh hot milk @ 80°C.
  • Milk foam @ 76°C.
  • Espresso @ 92°C.