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Panettone in a glass

Paolo Barichella. Executive Food Design Advisor
Panettone in a Glass
The essence of Milano in a glass

Maybe it’s because Paolo Barichella is Milanese, or maybe it’s because Milano is the home of Italian design. Either way, he couldn’t leave out the city’s iconic dessert, but in an innovative version made directly in a glass in just a few seconds.

Using a squeeze bottle, the server pours two centimeters of prepared cake mix into a glass, adding candied orange and citron and raisins. After 20 seconds in the microwave, let it cool and add some crumbled amaretto cookies to create a separating layer, and finish with a shot of fresh-brewed espresso.

The surprising contrast between the speed of preparation and the sophistication of the result perfectly embodies the creativity and frenetic pace of a city whose vocation has always been innovation in full respect of age-old tradition.

  • Fresh panettone
  • Raisins and candied citrus fruits
  • Amaretto topping
  • Espresso, strong and creamy