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Rhea Gourmet Recipes

Virgin Irish

Matteo Beluffi. Latte Art Champion
Virgin Irish

Start by pouring the Americano into an Irish coffee glass, add the whiskey syrup to taste and stir well.

Then prepare the vegan whipped cream with Veggy sour foamer, an innovative and sustainable product which perfectly replaces egg whites and is allergen-free. Simply dilute 10% with water and whip it with a light “butter” syrup to obtain a soft and stable foam.

Pour the vegan cream over the coffee and your non-alcoholic vegan Irish coffee is ready!

  • 1 espresso

  • 110cl hot water

  • 15ml de-alcoholised whiskey syrup


  • Velvet
    30ml Veggy Sour Foamer @in.vece
    15ml “butter” syrup