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variflex, varigrind and varitherm

Our award-winning patented Variplus technology is a system of three components – Variflex, Varigrind and Varitherm – which work together to coordinate the ideal brew pressure, grind, water quantity and temperature, customizing them for each of the different drink selections offered by our machines. Unlike traditional coffee machines, Variplus adjusts all the factors that make each drink distinctive, exactly how they’re supposed to be made.
With Variplus, it’s like having a professional Italian barista at your service, 24/7.


perfect brew pressure
Variflex is an adjustable brewer featuring an infusion chamber that adapts to the quantity of ground coffee required by the end user’s drink selection, thereby making the optimal use of the dose. The interaction between the mechanics and the software ensures the ideal brew pressure, which in turn means a perfect cup of coffee, every time.


perfect grind
Varigrind is an adjustable grinder that communicates electronically with the variflex brewer to dispense the grind best suited to the drink recipe selected by the end user, from coarse to super fine, and with the varitherm induction heater to determine the ideal water temperature.


perfect water temperature
Varitherm is a heating system that adjusts the temperature of the water to the specific drink recipe requested. As any coffee expert will know, different grinds require different water temperatures and variable amounts of time in contact with the ground coffee. The same goes for frothed milk for cappuccino or straight milk for a café au lait. At last you can enjoy a proper latte macchiato, with each layer – coffee, milk, foam – heated to just the right temperature. Varitherm features Rheavendors’ patented induction technology, which means up to 80% savings on energy costs and consumption by comparison to traditional boilers.

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