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varipay system

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How it works
for vending machine operators


The installation and setup of Varipay 3000 is simple and fast as plugging in a USB thumb drive. It takes just few seconds, and no tools are required.
The Varipay 3000 device is compatible with all Rheavendors MDB machines.


How it works
for users


The Varipay App is free and easy to install on any kind of mobile device.
The app is available for Android or iPhone, or downloadable on-site by just scanning the QR Code from the machine’s menu. And the first cup is always free!
Thereafter, the app recognizes the machine every time you come back for new drinks, and all you have to do is select your favorite.


How much does it cost?


For vending machine operators, additional costs = 0.00€ There is a one-time purchase cost, plus a small transaction fee that is actually lower than the cost of counting change.
For end users, there are no extra charges, no contracts, no complications. Just the cost of the drinks selected, automatically deducted from their personal account.




  1. The user’s phone communicates with Varipay Cloud via WI-FI or a cellular network through a secured connection to protect customer information.
  2. The vending machine is equipped with Varipay Connect 3000, an intelligent controller that allows the machine and the user’s phone to communicate using Bluetooth BLE 4.0 technology.

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