The vending machine of the future is here, and the possibilities are endless.

Well now we’ve introduced a facial recognition software that adds a personal dimension to cashless transactions. Recently released in England in the Luce X2 Touch TV, the world’s first full production facial recognition-enabled vending machine, it uses an LCD 22-inch touchscreen monitor to recognize you, greet you personally, remember your past purchases and remind you of your preferences.


But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Machines with this technology will be able to be programmed, for example, to deny tobacco to underage customers, or to remember which customers are lactose intolerant or diabetic. A gym could program the machine to help members trying to diet and suggest the healthiest alternatives, or it could be connected to retailer’s loyalty points system, or to the room numbers in a hotel. In short, this is a ground-breaking tool that could have huge implications for automated catering, particularly in hospitals and schools.


Moreover, the large touchscreen can be programmed to broadcast marketing materials, to display nutritional information or to pass on news and notices. There’s even a smiley face icon that appears on the screen to mirror your mood back at you, recognizing whether you’re smiling, frowning or otherwise. This makes it fun and personal for users, which is good news for vending machine operators, who can promote the technology as an effective marketing tool for their customers. A possible scenario: leasing a machine to a retailer who wishes to incentivize prospective clients by programming it to dispense a free cup of coffee to anyone who flashes a smile. And while it’s not serving coffee, it can be used to provide detailed information on the retailer’s products and special offers. Like we said, the possibilities are truly endless.

Check out this video to see our exciting new technology at work.


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