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Cookies are small pieces of code installed on the user’s browser which help the website to deliver its services.

Types of cookies

Technical and session cookies

This kind of cookies are necessary for the correct function of some areas of the website. Cookies in this category include persistent and session cookies. Without these, the website or some parts of it might not function correctly. For this reason, they are always used, regardless of the user’s preferences. This kind of cookies are always sent from our domain.

    • Cookies for activities strictly necessary for operation

The website uses cookies to save the user’s session and for other activities strictly necessary for the site’s operation, such as monitoring the distribution of traffic.

    • Cookies used for the purposes of saving preferences, optimisation and statistics

The website uses cookies to save the user’s navigation preferences and optimise their experience. This type of cookies include, for example, language and currency settings and statistical management by the owner of the site.
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Anonymised analytical cookies

    • Google Analytics (Google Inc.) with anonymised IP

This is used to count visits to our website and to collect statistics of visits and provenance of users. It is useful for statistical purposes and to improve the services we offer.
For this service, Google Analytics has been set to anonymise IPs, meaning that we can only see aggregated data and not specific information.
Non-anonymised analytical cookies

    • Google Analytics (Google Inc.)

Google Analytics is a web analysis service provided by Google Inc. (“Google”). Google uses the personal data collected to track and examine the use of this application, compile reports and share them with other services developed by Google.

Google may use personal data to contextualise and personalise advertisements on its advertising network.


    • Google Tag Manager (Google Inc.)

Google Tag Manager is a statistical service provided by Google Inc.


Cookies used by the website
pll_language technical navigation language setting 1 year
addcookienotice technical cookie acceptance setting 3 months
__utma third party Google Analytics analytical 2 years
__utmb third party Google Analytics analytical 30 minutes
__utmc third party Google Analytics analytical Session cookie
__utmt third party Google Analytics analytical 10 minutes
__utmz third party Google Analytics analytical 6 months


Social media cookies

This website uses cookies to improve the services and users’ experience and it uses social media cookies to allow the interaction with the most common social networks. These types of cookies simply allow us to provide you with content that we feel may be of interest to you.

First-party profiling cookies

These cookies are used to identify a profile relating to the user (on the basis of credentials provided) and to personalise their viewing of Rheavendors Online Services; they are also used by the Global Service Center (GSC) and Spare Parts (SP) to ensure delivery of appropriate services based on the information present in a  “Partner Directory”

ssoCk1 GSC GSC Access Session cookie
ssoCk2 SP SP Acces Session cookie
ssoCk3 GSC First Name Session cookie
ssoCk4 GSC Middle Name Session cookie
ssoCk5 GSC Last Name Session cookie
ssoCk6 GSC, SP Userlogin Session cookie
ssoCk7 GSC Security level Session cookie
ssoCk8 GSC Allowed Sections Session cookie
ssoCk9 GSC Company Code Session cookie
ssoCk10 GSC Company Name Session cookie
ssoCk11 GSC Is key account Session cookie
ssoCk12 GSC Key account group Session cookie
ssoCk13 SP SP Type Session cookie
ssoCk14 SP Customer Code 1 Session cookie
ssoCk15 SP Level PM Session cookie
ssoCk16 SP Show Prices Session cookie
ssoCk17 SP Service Book Session cookie
ssoCk18 SP Discount 1 Session cookie
ssoCk19 SP Discount 2 Session cookie
ssoCk20 SP Customer Code 2 Session cookie



Purposes and legal basis of data processing and storage times

Data processing is carried out for the purposes indicated in the description of each specific type of cookie. For technical, session and anonymised analytical cookies, the legal basis for processing is the legitimate interest of the data controller to manage and optimise their website.

For third-party and profiling cookies, the legal basis for processing is the data subject’s explicit consent.

Data is stored for the period necessary to fulfil the above purposes.

For further information regarding the processing of personal data by means of cookies, please consult the Website Privacy Statement


FAQ and technical information about cookies

How can I prevent cookies being stored on my computer?

You need to set your preferences for each browser you use (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Safari). There are several ways of managing cookies, for example you can enable or disable all cookies; remove specific cookies which have already been stored; block the storage of cookies on your computer from specific websites; or block third-party cookies (i.e. cookies stored on your computer by another website from the one you are visiting).

How can I remove / manage the cookies on my computer?

In the event that you have concerns or questions about the use of cookies, it is always possible to prevent them being sent and read, for example by changing your browser privacy settings to block certain types of cookies or by using tools made available in this Statement.

To remove cookies from your PC, we suggest you consult these websites:

To manage cookies on the major browsers, go to the following links:



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