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from vending machine to vending environment


from vending machine to vending environment

Once you discover that HAL is an acronym for ‘Hospitality Area Lounge’, you’ve already intuited what’s special about this multifaceted project from Rheavendors. HAL is, in fact, not simply a vending machine but a vending environment concept designed by architect Silvio De Ponte, whereby next-generation machines equipped with touchscreen video monitors and connected to both the web and the host venue can be installed in any number of different contexts.
Here are some of the applications we’ve tried so far.


HAL red

Here we see HAL imagined in a budget hotel setting, where the innovative machine can become the sole interface between hotel and guest, capable of doing everything from accepting online reservations to providing check-in services and check-out transactions, saving lots of time and work. It can also synch with guests’ smartphones or tablets, manage TV viewing, dining/snacking options and other services while also keeping a tally of expenditures.
And of course, it can serve top quality snacks, hot and cold drinks and consumer products, be it a paperback novel or that toothbrush forgotten at home. As such, the implications are wide-ranging for the hospitality sector, not the least of which is the potential for reducing costs for traditional services, thanks to the efficiency of a system like HAL.


HAL presso

Presso Kook Sharing Experience, a fascinating initiative recently launched in Milan, is best defined by what it is not. Though you can cook and dine there, it isn’t a restaurant. You can drink and socialize there, but it’s not a bar. You can even kick back and fall asleep watching a film, but it’s neither a hotel nor a movie theater. It is whatever its temporary occupants want it to be.
Which is why it’s the perfect setting for HAL Presso, a project involving two Rheavendors machines that dispense gourmet quality food prepared by a famous chef. Surprised by the idea of receiving a great meal from a machine elegantly integrated into a beautifully designed space?
Good, because that, of course, is precisely the point!


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