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“The work of fine-tuning a machine to respond to all people’s preferences could be likened to a piano. There is a keyboard and you play it strongly or lightly, in line with people’s preferences. Our machines make such freedom and precision possible” Carlo Majer.

Deliciousness cannot be defined by a single criterion alone. Each country has its own unique taste and this means that coffee machines are required to be able to mimic a barista and provide fine-tuned, customized cups of coffee.

Thanks to laRhea you can now offer coffee recipes tailored to local preferences with the cutting-edge design of our machines and adapt them to a wide range of international tastes.

This unique proposition is composed of: laRhea V+ grande 2 premium equipped with our V+ technology and a wide 7” touchscreen combined with our fresh milk module that will enable you to achieve the desired in-cup quality.


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