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Design for All

The Centrality of Automation

Within the exhibition space of Sigep, an immersive sensory journey unfolds in darkness, inviting visitors to partake in a tactile-olfactory adventure. Exploring coffee plants, leaves, beans, and grinding tools, participants progress to discern the aromatic nuances of green and roasted coffee. The journey culminates with a tasting experience, showcasing a coffee cup extracted using Rhea’s cutting-edge rhTT1 super-automatic machine. All of this is made accessible through the innovative rheability application, fostering an inclusive and engaging interaction.

At the heart of “Design for all” lies the concept of creating inclusive design and technology. It emphasizes the potential of automation to craft tools usable by both professionals and amateurs. Automation’s capacity for customization and precise calibration of extraction parameters ensures replicability across diverse coffee recipes. Moreover, this philosophy of inclusivity transcends barriers, allowing individuals with disabilities to actively participate in dispensing activities. Notably, the recent “Seed of Inspiration” initiative at Bear Paw Café in Shanghai exemplifies this. Visually impaired individuals realised their aspirations as professional bartenders, enabled by Rhea’s specially designed coffee machine. This machine features a touch panel with six distinct raised shapes, each corresponding to a unique recipe: a square for espresso, a circle for double espresso, a triangle for Americano, a diamond for room temperature Americano, a star for hot water, and a heart for room temperature water. This pioneering endeavor stands as both an exemplar and an avenue for numerous individuals to achieve independence and establish their own enterprises.

Andrea Pozzolini, CEO of Rhea, underscores, “The ‘Design for all’ philosophy exemplifies Rhea’s commitment to social sustainability and the integration of disabled individuals into the workforce. Our dedication is further underscored by the realisation of the ‘Seed of Inspiration’ project, where visually impaired siblings Tian Bao and Tian You actualised their dream of becoming accomplished baristas. Through our machine’s thoughtful design and functionality, we empower aspirations and open pathways for newfound independence and entrepreneurial pursuits.”