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David Livermore and the myth

The first limited edition is Kairos, signed by Davide Livermore. A futuristic coffee machine that involves the consumer in a journey through the beauty of images, the power of sounds and the pleasure of taste. Kairos, which in Greek means “the right or opportune moment”, transforms the moment of the coffee break into a multisensory experience.

“It takes 32 seconds to make a good coffee, a wait that has to become an experience. Starting from this conviction, I thought of Kairos, which with its 49-inch screen, unequivocally combines communication with the moment of the coffee break. Kairos fills the wait with culture, knowledge and information, 32 seconds of time well spent.”

Davide Livermore

The video of Kairos – The 60th anniversary machine received the “Brand Innovation Key Award” at the 52nd Media Key Awards for its strong theatrical imprint and imaginative skill. Watch also the video Kairos – The Making Of that tells the three months that transformed Kairos from an idea to the first limited edition.