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taking sustainability seriously

Rhea’s sustainability strategy is designed to evolve over the long term, with the theme of controllable growth at its center.

Our vision and values combine to form a holistic approach to the environment, seen not as an external ‘nature’ that is separate from us, but as a system of biocultural diversity of which humanity is a vital part.
As such, social and cultural action is a prerequisite for achieving real sustainability. And that starts with people, who deserve a work environment that allows them to express their potential while at the same time ensuring their safety and quality of life.

As for the biosphere, Rhea’s constant quest for new materials and solutions with low environmental impact is no less crucial.
Since 2015 Rhea has been using 100% green energy from renewable sources and has introduced the patented Varitherm induction technology for water heating, which guarantees a saving in energy consumption of over 80% compared to the traditional boiler system.


Rhea’s sustainability efforts are implemented every day through ethical and responsible choices at every level of the company hierarchy.

Because sustainability is not so much a policy as a shared belief and working method, where all stakeholders are urged to give their support in an active way, and where listening and dialogue are paramount.
Respecting ESG criteria helps us to generate a virtuous ecosystem that serves as a foundation for our holistic approach to sustainability:

ENVIRONMENT – safeguarding the environment
SOCIAL – respecting people and promoting social dignity
GOVERNANCE – investment and innovation

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