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a family-owned company

More than sixty years in the vending market has taught Rheavendors that automatic retailing is more than just a transaction. It is instead about trust. The increasing technological, economic and logistical complexities of today’s vending industry haven’t made Rheavendors lose sight of that basic truth.
This clarity of vision is in large part owed to the fact that, unlike competitors who are owned by multinational conglomerates, Rheavendors has always been and continues to be a family business. Our clients can rely on the continuity of vision and moral integrity passed down from Aldo Majer, the founder, to his son Carlo, who guided Rheavendors into the 21st century. They can count on the sense of purpose that comes with being there since the beginning, building the company and watching it grow. And they can rest assured that accountability for the quality of our products and service does not dissipate into a complex hierarchy of corporate administrators, but rests with every member of the Rheavendors extended family, from our colleagues at our branch offices around the world to every technician on the factory floor to the Board of Directors.
While the corporate mentality tends to refer to individuals as ‘human resources’, we call them family.



Since 1960, what distinguishes Rhea on the market is the commitment to supply attractive, smart, tailor-made machines that ensure a uniquely satisfying experience, respecting the original Italian recipes while accommodating personal preferences.
From that moment on, we never stopped collaborating with international designers who captured the spirit of the time and transformed it into current trends.


keeping it simple

While the technological, commercial and logistical complexities of the vending business are numerous and great, and while we ourselves have contributed to that complexity by continually inventing new technologies, more sophisticated drink recipes and innovative vending concepts, Rheavendors knows that it all boils down to one very simple principle: the end user expects to interface quickly and easily with a machine in order to obtain a drink or a snack, and the vending customer expects a machine that does so reliably. The mission of Rheavendors is to make this happen.
Simple as that.



Technically speaking, know-how is intellectual property, something to be protected. But that’s what patents are for, and though Rheavendors holds a great number of them, we don’t locate our know-how in a series of inventions. We prefer to think of it as our moral heritage, an accumulation of experience and judgment that is meant not to be guarded but passed on and shared.
Know-how is also the collective knowledge and skills of our people, a meaningful measure of which lies in the fact that the average tenure of our employees is 13.5 years. But perhaps our know-how resides above all in imagination, which Rheavendors has always cultivated from that moment more than 50 years ago when Aldo Majer chose to convert his automotive foundry into a vending machine business.
Since then, we have strived to imagine what comes next, expanding the horizons not only of the vending industry, but our own horizons as well.



The vision of environmental issues of a family-owned and managed company is naturally inclined to evolve over the long term, and to consider the theme of controllable growth as central.
Long-term vision and family values also tend to result in a holistic approach to the environment, seen not only as a natural, but a human – and humane – context, from the standpoint of biocultural diversity.
In order to preserve and improve our environment, social and cultural action is a fundamental prerequisite for achieving real sustainability.

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