General Warranty Standard


This document is part of Rheavendors General Conditions of Sale (“GCS”).

    1. The Product is guaranteed as described in the chapter 7 of the GCS
      . Machines – 12 months
      . New spares – 12 months
    2. The duration of the warranty is calculated from the date of dispatch of the product by Rheavendors.
    1. If the Client wishes to claim under the Warranty policy, the Client shall, within 30 (thirty) days of the occurrence of the failure or defect becoming apparent, open a ticket in the Rheavendors CS Portal ticketing platform:
      If required, ask for login details to Rheavendors Customer Service contact or to Rheavendors Sales contact.
      Please take into consideration if you are not registered in our Rheavendors CS Portal ticketing platform you can download and fullfil our warranty module.
    2. Ticket for warranty request must be filled with the following mandatory details:
      (a) Machine model and serial number; in case of spares, Order number.
      (b) Component description and part number;
      (c) Component serial number or production batch (if available);
      (d) Complete fault description;
      (e) Cycle counters;
      (f) Any additional accessories or devices installed in the Product.;
      (g) Warranty Condition field must be selected as YES
      If the Client fails to provide, or provides inadequate information required under Condition 2.2, Rheavendors will request such information from the Client by CS Portal ticketing. The Client must reply to such request with the required information within 7 (seven) days.
    3. Client must immediately cease any using of the defected part.
    4. Rheavendors Customer Service will evaluate if it’s required to receive back the faulty part for internal analysis.
      Anyway, defected part, if not requested by Rheavendors to be shipped, must be available for inspection for at least 60 (sixty) days from the warranty request.
    5. If required, Client have to return the defective part to Rheavendors.
      In case of warranty for the spare part replacement, the shipment of the defected part to Rheavendors must be arranged and paid by the Client. Also, cost for re-shipment by Rheavendors to the Client of spare parts repaired or replaced must be arranged and paid by the Client. Shipment cost includes custom taxes and any other related cost.
      Also in case of warranty for the entire machine replacement, the shipment of the defected machine to Rheavendors must be arranged and paid by the Client
      Product should be appropriately packaged during its loading, transportation and unloading.
      Rheavendors should be notified in writing of any additional accessories shipped with the Product.
      Important – Italy only: Please enclose the “bill of return” with the package. We will not be able to process your
      request without this document.
      Important – for non-EU countries: Please enclose a pro forma invoice with the package to the value of €10 marked with the following: “Value for customs purposes only, faulty goods with no commercial value.”
    6. In case of spare part replacement on Client site, Technicians labor cost and travel costs are not covered by this General Warranty Standards.
    7. If the defect does not fall within the scope of this warranty or the part has not been proven defective, Rheavendors reserves the right to charge the warranty beneficiary with the costs of service, transportation, insurance and customs clearance for all the activities related to analysis made by Rheavendors Technicians or by Rheavendors Suppliers. Rheavendors, within its discretion, can consider a claim under a warranty to be invalid. In this case, Rheavendors will advise the Client providing the details of the warranty condition rejection.
    8. This Warranty Claim Procedue is resumed in the following flow diagram:
    9. Expiry of the Warranty
      Once the warranty period has expired, all the costs arising from the repairs shall be borne by the Client.
    1. The warranty does not apply to Products whose defects are due to:
      a) damages caused during transport,
      b) negligent or improper use of the Products,
      c) non-compliance with Rheavendors’s instructions on the operation, maintenance and preservation of the Product/s (use of any detergent tools or devices not suitable for cleaning and maintenances),
      d) incorrect installation, repairs or modifications made by the Customer or by third parties without the prior authorisation of Rheavendors. Installation or repair will be made only by specialises persons, who have been trained at the Rheavendors training centre,
      e) damages generated by external devices and third parties’ components (payment, systems, filtering, power supply, etc.).
      In addition to what provided at point 3.1 above, the warranty does not apply to faults caused by: failure to supply water (where required); ice; fire, floods, inductive/electrostatic discharges or discharges caused by lightning or other phenomena outside the equipment, electric power failure, voltage variations or irregularities; limescale in the pipes (without applying Rheavendors recommendation to use limescale filters, which improve the long-term reliability of the distributors).
      Movable and removable parts, handles, lamps, glass and rubber parts, accessories, consumables and any components outside the Product on which the consumer can intervene during use are not covered by the warranty unless it is proven that the defect is a manufacturing fault.
      The warranty does not cover Products that Rheavendors declares are or could be subject to defects that limit their use and for which an agreement has been reached with the Client to reduce the price in consideration of the reduction in value of the Product. Moreover, in no cases the Client can enforce the warranty against Rheavendors if the price of the Product/s has not been paid according to the agreed terms and conditions.
      The Products may be used only and exclusively for the purposes indicated and in compliance with standards on safety, in compliance with the provisions of the “Installation and Maintenance Manual”, which is an integral part of the Product. If the Clients uses or resells the Products for other purposes, the Client does so at its own exclusive risk and responsibility and with full resulting liability.
      Except for the application of the mandatory provisions of the applicable law, in no case Rheavendors shall be considered liable for harm to persons, objects or animals that may be directly or indirectly due to improper use of the goods. Moreover, in no case Rheavendors shall be considered liable for the damages, including, but not limited to, property damage, loss of profit or revenues, or business interruption arising out of the manufacture and supply of the Products, even if they are caused by third parties involved. In no case can liability exceed the price paid by the Client for the individual Order(s). The remedies available to the Client hereunder may be asserted only by the Client and by no other party. In particular, in no case Rheavendors shall be considered liable for the damages arising out of the manufacture of the Products by assembling third parties components pursuant to point 3.1 (e).

In view of and for the effect of articles 1341 and 1342 of the Italian Civil Code, the Client states it has fully understood and approve without reservation the following Sections of this General Conditions of Sale:
– 1 – Area of application;
– 3 – Object;
– 6 – Delivery and acceptance of the Products;
– 7 – Warranties;
– 8 – Prices of the Products and payments;
– 13 – Resale and export controls;
– 15 – Internet special disclaimer;
– 17 – Governing law and arbitration;
– 18 – Miscellaneous.

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